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Hyderabad and its scrap waste management problem

Hyderabad and its scrap waste management problem

India is getting buried under mounds of trash as the country has been generating more than 30.38 million tonnes in a year and 7.51 lakh tonnes of trash is generated only in Hyderabad, out of which only 20% is recycled and remaining thrown into the landfills.

The reason trash is not recycled responsibly is the lack of available infrastructure and awareness amongst the people. In Telangana, recyclable waste is being segregated at dump yard but not more than 10% of the waste is able to separate from wet waste, the reason, first recyclable and the wet waste is mixed at household and brought to the government dump yard and then separation is done; resulting in improper segregation and valuable waste will end up in the landfills.

For households there is no easy way exists to dispose of or sell their scrap waste, result, dumped in garbage and finally end up in landfills. The local Kabadiwala's doesn't provide doorstep service and also doesn't take all kinds of items, they are specialized in specific materials.

Scrap Waste Management is important 

India is turning into one big garbage dump, nearly 20% of methane gas emissions in India is caused by landfills. The trash dumped in landfills is prone to catching fire due to the heat generated by the decomposition of waste. It has a severe effect on not only human life but also marine life.

Now a day’s waste management is a major problem in India due to rapid population growth, waste disposal in an unorganized way, lack of public awareness and limited funding for activities. The country has been struggling for years to find a way to properly manage the ever-increasing amount of garbage waste (includes recyclable and non-recyclable).

Recycling is today’s requirement to overcome waste management problems in India. Being able to use waste scrap materials more than once will reduce environmental pollution instead of throwing at dump yards. We can also save electricity, natural resources, time and the amount of work that goes into producing a new product from the virgin material.

Let us teach ourselves and our kids the benefits of recycling waste materials which will bring us better air, water, land and allow us space for progress.

Now we will understand what exactly is recycling? It is the process of converting waste Scrap material into a new product. This can lead to reduced electricity usage and reducing environmental pollution (cause due to incineration and landfilling). It can also help us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Throwing out potentially recycle scrap materials equals to throwing out money.

Recycling is the third part of the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” waste hierarchy. The symbol is known worldwide, it consists of three chasing arrows.

Recycling Scrap materials include books, Newspapers, Magazines, Cartoons, Plastic, Iron, Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Tin, glass, Electronic waste, and E-waste.

India’s recycling industry running since long back, but offline in an unprofessional way, to improve these industry-standard many more entrepreneurs are joined and working hard to achieve people’s trust and serve them online to give convenience and time-saving. Among these entrepreneurs, plays a vital role.

Crapbin is a scrap waste pickup service based in Hyderabad. It provides doorstep service to pick up the scrap waste which is generated on a daily basis. It started with a vision to make India a zero waste country, for this, we give last stage convenience for customers for disposing of their dry waste easily hence diverting valuable scrap material from landfills and rivers.

Our simple yet effective solution for trash

  1. We pick up the recyclable trash directly from the household, hence stopping it to be mixed with wet waste.
  2. We pay the people based on the weights of the material, hence providing the source of income to the families and on the other hand, it will encourage them to collect more and more and sell.
  3. We are providing last stage convenience to the people to dispose off their scrap waste. Through our website, people can book the pickup request in simple steps by entering the address, mobile number and desired date. Our staff will visit the household and pick up all the waste by paying the amount based on the material.
  4. All the collected scrap or dry waste will be brought to our yards and segregated based on the materials and finally supplied to the recycling companies.

 Every month we are recycling more than 200 tonnes of scrap waste, the total amount to more than 1400 tons since our inception with the customer base of 8000 in the twin cities. With our self-motivated team and the dedicated ground level staff, our recycling figure is growing at a rate of 15% every month.

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